Saturday, August 20, 2005

red light saber district

Wow an I mean wow!!! I left a boy and returned a man! (no really I had some problems at the cash and carry)the district is really something!! full of young jedi females wearing very little ....... protective equipment, ah hi Aayla, its been a while. sorry I got held up in Holland
no no honey im fine look pulse and everything *slits wrist to show blood squirting*
sorry, ill go to the jedi temple to get some glue to stick my self back together.

mmmmmmmmmmmn paste *drool*


Blogger Aayla Secura said...

I assume you accomplished what you went for.

Welcome back!

10:20 pm GMT  
Blogger Anakin Skywalker said...

How come ya didn't bring me?

10:46 pm GMT  
Blogger Barriss Offee said...

I have a feeling we're going to be seeing you around the clinic a LOT in the near future. *sigh*

2:21 pm GMT  
Blogger Mace Windu said...

Are you shure sticking himself back together is all Obi-Wan uses glue for?

8:20 pm GMT  
Blogger Oola said...

Yay! you're back!!!

5:09 am GMT  
Blogger Captain Typho said...

LOL, Barriss!

1:09 pm GMT  
Blogger Leia said...

Wow. Doesn't that hurt?

5:35 pm GMT  
Blogger Master Yoda said...

See I can that lock up the Younglings' paste now, I need to.

9:47 pm GMT  
Blogger said...

Is this some whack joke?

2:27 am GMT  
Blogger Leia said...

knock knock.

10:02 pm GMT  
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12:39 am GMT  
Blogger flu said...


5:58 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's there.

And Obi Wan did you die? Cuz you have a twin and he's taking your place.

1:17 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont let yoda know you were down there , or he might find another interestin place for that glue.

Evil he is I tell ya !!!

1:28 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:55 am GMT  
Blogger Black Hood said...

why hello there

8:51 pm GMT  
Blogger Black Hood said...

ahhh how/if i can i join this star wars thing, please!

9:25 pm GMT  
Blogger Black Hood said...

hahaha star wars

9:29 pm GMT  

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