Friday, July 15, 2005

Survivor Tatooine

Yoda’s sent me on this game show to get me fitter and I’ve been put on the Mabbitt tribe. Anyways Im with these people

+ Aayla Secura
+ Fluke Starbucker
+ General Grievouse
+ Jar Jar Binks
+ Princess Leia
+ Obi-Wan Kenobi
+ Emperor Palpatine
+ Qui-Gon Jinn

Its not so bad I’m with Aayla, Qui and Fluke, and also I’m away from the brat for a few weeks so its all good. I haven’t a clue what the show is about but I’ve been told I can take a weapon a luxury item and what ever I’m wearing. So I looked out a set of jedi summer robes (white and light) a lightsaber and a party pack of beer and cheetos.
Leia, she’s a good lass. I’m pretty sure she can use the force as well as kick butt. I hate Grevious I’m pushing him down the first sand worm I come across. And Palps! PALPS! Don’t even get me started on that guy! I lent him my tighty whiteys one winter and he never gave them back! What am I supposed to do with only 13 pairs? Don’t know much about Jar Jar, I suppose that we could eat him if we get hungry, I’ve heard that gungans taste of chicken


Blogger Leia said...

Aw, thanks Ben. Mmmm... Gungan.

9:53 pm GMT  
Blogger Mace Windu said...

i think im on you team too.

4:45 pm GMT  
Blogger Captain Typho said...

No, Mace. He's the enemy.

2:01 am GMT  
Blogger Jar Jar Binks said...

Oh, no...

9:51 am GMT  

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